1. Jordano Santos Cerqueira ha detto:

    Otimo Design… Aprovado!!

  2. Gennice ha detto:

    Finally! I needed some logo for restaurant. This will help a lot. Very well designed. Thanks!

  3. janis ha detto:

    Looks good. Love the combo.

  4. alienoXcaso ha detto:

    I really like this….good combination!

  5. palobo ha detto:

    I just love this design. Simple, to the point andstill elegant. Great work!!!

  6. Edward ha detto:

    This site is a good filter for bad clients.

  7. TGspot ha detto:

    Try to use it

  8. Adam ha detto:

    This logo is awesome, I have used it successfully for several clients already. They all love it!

  9. Amy ha detto:

    It’s cute and generic. It says restaurant to me.

  10. Fabrizio ha detto:

    Great Job!!! Finally I finally found what I was looking for!

  11. Toyin ha detto:


  12. singogambar ha detto:

    make me hungry………