1. Wun ha detto:


  2. danielle ha detto:

    it’s really pretty!

  3. Jasz ha detto:

    Looks similar to Iconfactories “Icon Builder”

  4. Dave Haygarth ha detto:

    Tidy stuff.

  5. leesum ha detto:

    very good

  6. John KIm ha detto:

    Very nice, I want to make some web but don’t have Idea for make logo Um.. Thx

  7. wamucards ha detto:

    Thank you.This is really nice Icon.

  8. Hosting Review Guide ha detto:

    Nice Design, If I want to use this one on my Hosting Review Site do I need to purchase a commercial copy?

  9. sumit padhan ha detto:

    Very nice logos
    and thanx to share the psd of these logo

    Thanks, good job keep it up !!!!

  10. Tomasao ha detto:

    very good logo !

  11. Arihant ha detto:

    Looks good to me. Can try on my website. Planning to redesign my website.

  12. Peppie ha detto:

    yea, very good logo!!

  13. maxpa30 ha detto:

    Thank you very much … a good logo

  14. Adrien ha detto:

    I like the logo a lot, but I can’t read the text without putting conscious efforts.

  15. Mxky ha detto:

    This one is really clean, I like it

  16. jasz ha detto:

    [...] jasz-menel Laura Rodney Syme. Back to Top © 2010 Robert Cordover Memorial · Proudly …TriaCubes | Logo InstantSource Included : Photoshop … Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. All [...]

  17. krava0303 ha detto:

    good logo

  18. prince ha detto:

    thanks. very good! i can used this logo.

  19. Raj Verma ha detto:

    It nice logo

  20. seo freelance madrid ha detto:

    Hi there, just discovered this amazing site !

    And I wanted to say thanks for the work and the freebies around, I’m not going to use any logo but I got some refreshing ideas, thanks a lot :)