1. Mohsin ha detto:

    Nice work but too much old idea man.

  2. Islas ha detto:

    I think that is a common idea but you make it great!!!

  3. tonyknuckles ha detto:

    Who cares what they say..rock on!!

  4. Polymatheus ha detto:

    Hey Mohsin, guess what, people seem to like it. It’s the second most downloaded logo!

    Stick that in your pipe…

  5. Mr Kobayashi ha detto:

    Very nice. I’m a sucker for classics. And this one; I’m in love.

  6. Angelina ha detto:

    I’d like you design

  7. New Logo - Page 2 - Young Entrepreneur Forums ha detto:

    [...] this by any chance the same picture you got the logo from Ionizer | Logo Instant Im not worried i realise it is free to download and use [...]

  8. amy ha detto:

    i like this very nice…. ilove here